The Complete Guide to Sar Pass Trek

The Sar pass trek is tied in with transforming a beautiful dream into the real world and get stricken with the unfathomable nature’s enchantment in its most flawless structure. The trek heads through a frozen lake named Sar and that is the reason it is called Sar pass trek . This Parvathi valley trek is the most personal normal undertaking that invites voyagers to revive themselves alongside this clear Sar pass experience. While trekking in the midst of pines and forests loaded with thick timberland, the voyagers investigate the setting up camp at a high height town of 1580 m in Grahan town of Parvati valley at Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh.

This awe-inspiring excursion of Sar pass trek is planned for five days and gives a simple to direct trekking experience including the 0 to – 20-degree temperature and normal 7-8 km of normal trekking distance each day. The excellence of Parvati valley is dominated by the Sar pass that cherishes the normal miracles and all-encompassing perspectives all through the trek. The snow-loaded mountains, unblemished slopes, and extended prairies portray the abundance of nature in its way. The Sar pass trek is prescribed to have an experience, to investigate nature much and make recollections for a lifetime. The trek would advance you with many customized Sar pass stories you would portray the remainder of the world in your own style amalgamated with individual experience.


Day 1: Kasol Base camp

  • Detailing of trekkers at Kasol headquarters toward the beginning of the day
  • After lunch a short round of Chalal town
  • Night stay at the headquarters of Kasol.

Day 2:Kasol to Grahan Village Trekking

  • Trekking of Sar pass to begin in the early morning from Kasol headquarters
  • The simple trekking trail of 2-3 hours by the side of Grahan nalah
  • The path continues through the rough steep and rise move of 1-hour trail
  • Grahan town arranged at the top is an objective for day 2
  • Tent stay for the night at Grahan town

Day 3: Trekking from Grahan town to Min Thach

  • After breakfast at Grahan town the trekking starts toward the north side
  • Hypnotising perspective on the highest point of Sar, Nagaru, and Min thach
  • A precarious stroll through thick woods and woodland
  • The top achievement for day 3 is Min thach
  • Setting up camp around evening time at Min Thach

Day 4: Sar Pass Trekking from Min Thach to Nagaru Top

  • The trek to Nagaru start in the first part of the day after breakfast at Min Thach
  • Moderate trek with four hours of the assessed venture
  • The trekking trail is simple walking toward the beginning and goes through timberline later
  • Drinking water source isn’t accessible during this trekking
  • Perspective on Paravati valley from nagaru top is choice
  • Setting up camp for night stay at Nagaru top is nearly chilling

Day 5: Trekking from Nagaru top to Sar pass and Biskeri Thatch

  • Trekking begins in the early morning from Nagaru around 5 am
  • The way for Sar Pass stay covered throughout the year
  • The embodiment of snow-covered mountains and lake looks magnificent delightful
  • The trekking trail passes through sliding snow inclines and delicate walking
  • In the wake of passing thick shrubs of rhododendron the Biskeri Thatch shows up

Day 6: Biskeri Thatch to Kasol headquarters

  • In the following morning after breakfast the precarious plunge for Pulga town begins
  • The assessed season of arriving at Pulga is 5 hours
  • The plunge appears to be simple across the lavish valley and wonderful fields
  • Subsequent to having stop at Phulwa, the trek trail prompts cross Parvati stream to arrive at Barshaini
  • Barshaini is the fulfilment point of this trek
  • The jeep will drive off the trekkers from Barshaini to Kasol headquarters
  • After the authority convention of the Sar pass trek the trekkers can leave the headquarters at night of that very day

How is the climate during the open season?

The climate, during the day, remains for the most part charming all through the open season however it gets somewhat cold during the nights and early mornings. During the day, the temperature fluctuates between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius.Around evening time, the temperature can run anywhere between – 2 degrees Celsius and 6 degrees Celsius. Right off the bat in the season, there’s dependably a chance of snowfall so conveying an additional layer of thermals and a parka is critical.