How To Get Your First Order On Fiverr?

I’m a top rated seller on Fiverr. And I started freelancing in 2020 when everyone was already telling me that it’s too late. Well, I’m happy to tell you that it wasn’t too late, and it’s not too late now too. I know that you are struggling now in getting this first orders, and that you are almost ready to give up. 

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Been there, done there. I felt it as well. But let me tell you, you are one click away, one click, one message, one order, and it’s going to grow like crazy. So let me help you to get it. Hello, my fellow Freelancers, 

I hope you are ready to receive this valuable information that I’m going to share, and that you will be highly motivated to get this first orders after watching this video. 

First Cover The Basic Things

Now let’s get started. First of all, let’s cover the basic things that a lot of people just underestimate and simply don’t think about them. Mmm-hmm, and you really can hugely miss out or hugely benefit. Here on this side of your screen. You will see a check list with all the things that I mentioned. Make sure you check all the boxes as we talk about these points. 

Fill All Sections In Your Profile

First of all, make sure that you filled out everything in your profile, add the languages which you can speak, link your own social media account, add your skills in the relevant section. And add all related keywords about that skill over there. Do you attach your education and certificates. If you have any and so on. There are a lot of things, and you need to make sure that you didn’t miss any. 

The same applies to your gig. You should fill in all the available things. They’re not only your normal title, but an SEO title as well. Frequently asked questions, description, and the list goes on, but don’t do it without thinking. Make sure that you’re using the keywords. You’re planning to rank for everywhere and as much as possible. 

Make A Professional Photo

Next make a professional photo of yourself and use it for your profile picture. People love people, people trust people. It’s simple as that. They love to see and know who is actually behind all of these things. They want to connect with the real person, because this it’s easier for them to trust you with their project. But here’s an important thing. 

The photo should give an impression that you are a real professional. And I don’t mean here that you need to have a super fancy photo in a suit. Oops. I hope you didn’t hear that. But yeah, you know what I mean, in a suit made by a professional photographer No, no, it’s not necessary, but it definitely shouldn’t be a selfie for Instagram guys, preferably, the format of your picture should be as they call it a portrait. Shoulders up, the background should be single colors so that your potential clients can clearly see your face. And I also think it’s very important to look natural. 

I would say, no fancy or funny looks here. This is not a place for it, and I’m pretty sure you won’t benefit from it Just like your profile picture. The thumbnail of your gig should also be professional, but also unique and clear. I think, with the professional aspect, everything is pretty clear. And you probably can guess that it’s important to have your face on the thumbnail as well. The reasons for it are the same as before. But what about being unique and clear? 

Should Differ From Your Competitors

Well, first of all, the picture should differ from your competitors. It should stand out from all the gigs in your Niche. I really recommend you to do some research and see what thumbnails your competitors use. Pay attention to the color is the text, or any other details, Identify some patterns and make your thumbnails similar. But different at the same time. I hope you understand what I mean here. 

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Your goal here is to draw the attention of people who are sitting and scrolling the page but of course in a good way not by something weird or inappropriate. Also make sure to make your thumbnail clear. Check how it looks in search. The text should be easy to read, and the number of details shouldn’t be overwhelming, and also make sure that the image is not cropped as here.

For example, going further, don’t forget to show the best examples from your portfolio, or at least have some examples of your service that your potential clients might like. Make sure that you have a video showing the examples of your work. All 3 images showcasing something relevant to your service and 3 documents if applicable. 

Link To Your Website Or Social Media Profiles

If you have your own portfolio website, do mention its URL in the gigs description under the heading my portfolio or something similar to this, they need to see it and think, oh, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Oh! that’s exactly how I want my product to look like, or, oh, it looks like this girl, or this guy knows what he or she is doing doing. I might need to contact him or her and ask some questions about my project. Just don’t leave it empty. That’s the most important thing. Again, use all of your opportunities. Now here I would like to have a small disclaimer. 

Of course, there are much more nuances, and each situation is unique. Each field is unique, each niches in make everything is unique. But in this video, I’m sharing for easy, essential and Universal things that might help you to get this first orders in the nearest future. Okay, guys. Now that we checked all the basics, let’s move to the Second tip. 

Create More Than 1 Gig

I propose you make at least 3 gigs in the same category. This gives a signal to Fiverr about your Niche and helps you rank in Fiverr or search engine. Of course, this advice works only if you’re identified your Niche before. But this is a whole different topic. I suggest we talk about it in another video. Next time. Let me give you a personal example. So you understand what I’m talking about I’m a video editor, and when I was just starting.

I selected 3 niches in the category of video editing this were YouTube video editing, video editing for events and social media ads. Later on only my gig for YouTube video editing began to show some results. Thanks to this gig, I was able to rank my other gigs, and this gig for YouTube video editing wasn’t the first gig that I created. 

Now imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t created other gigs, and had decided to focus on the first gig only. Yes, I would have probably never received any orders. You see where I’m going with this, right? You’re definitely one click away, but you never know which gig, or which Niche is the one that will bring it to you. So definitely don’t stop on one gig After you created a couple of gigs in your category. It’s time to promote them as much as you can. Yes, don’t forget about this, and don’t underestimate this stuff. 

Attract Traffic

It’s very important to attract to a gig as much traffic as you can. Especially if you’re just starting. Share you get with your friends, send it to your family chats, or post it on your social media and probably ask your subscribers to share it with their network. 

First use all the free methods you can come up with. And then if you are ready to invest some money in your business, you can use a paid feature available on Fiverr or other page features promotions available on other social media platforms all in all just get creative with it. This will bring traffic to a gig and help you to get this crucial clicks and impressions options. 

Be Always Online

my next tip is about being online as often as you can. Preferably always I keep mentioning this in my videos. You might think that this is such an obvious and easy thing. Why are you even talking about it, right? That’s true. It’s very easy. But a lot of my colleagues say that this really influences buyers wish to contact here, and I agree with them. A lot of my clients actually mentioned that they contacted me because they saw that I was online, and it happened that they did to get the service as soon as possible. 

This was one of the main reasons why they decided to leave a message to me. I don’t know. There is also something in this online status. When you see this green circle nearly profile picture of a freelancer. You think that oh, this gig is alive. And of course, you also have the fact that there are much more chances. Did you get your reply quicker. And no one likes to wait, right? So, use this knowledge to your advantage. If you complete all the things I mentioned before. Trust me, you have all the chances to rank on the first page Even if you are a new seller on Fiverr.