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Read this article if you are looking for start-ups funding, Dr, Vivek Bindra show

Hello, Dear welcome to MyHowtoo. If you are a start-up owner and you are looking for funding then this is the right place for you, here you can get all the information about getting funding from Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Horses Stable show.

What is Horses Stable show?

The Horses Stable funding reality Show is presented by famous Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty and marketed by Dr. Vivek Bindra.

Dr. Vivek Bindra is India’s first Business coach Youtuber who has 20 million subscribers.

India is the second-largest country according to the population where unemployment is at its peak because there are more people and fewer jobs.

Sunil Shetty & Vivek Bindra created this show to promote the spirit of running start-ups & businesses in youngsters.

Why Horses Stable show is created?

This show is a funding reality show where anybody with a good start-up idea can come and raise funding from well-experienced investors, according to the sources many start-up owners have raised crores of funding.

How to raise funding from Horses Stable show?

here are 5 easy steps by which you can raise funding from the show:

1. Define your goal

Start by determining how much money you need to raise. This is very important because it helps your potential donors understand how much money you need to raise for your specific cause. People are more likely to give money to a cause that is clearly defined, so calculate your goal based on your total cost breakdown. For example, if you’re raising money for a medical procedure, don’t list just the big-ticket price of the procedure itself, but also related expenses such as lost income, rehab, medications, and medical devices.

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2. Choose an online fundraising platform

When picking a platform for fundraising online you should look for:

  • The lowest fees (both platform fees and payment processing fees)
  • Ease of use and website design
  • Customer support options
  • Safe and quick access to your funds
  • Fundraiser sharing capabilities

To dive deeper into crowdfunding platform comparisons, see our blog post-Top Crowdfunding Sites: Pick the Right One for Your Needs.

3. Tell your story honestly

We, as humans, are hardwired to respond to powerful stories. Personal fundraising stories help facilitate an emotional connection between the reader and the beneficiary, which can ultimately lead to more donations. This is why it’s important to be as honest as you can about your situation.

We understand that asking for help can be scary, but you don’t have to do it alone. To help, we came up with a few questions you can ask yourself when writing your story:

  • What will the funds be used for?
  • How are you connected to the cause?
  • How will the donations raised aid you or help others?
  • Why does the recipient need this donation?

Make sure you answer basic Who, What, Where, When, Why, How questions to increase the likelihood of donation. Remember, when it comes to fundraising, the why is particularly important. If you would like additional guidance, learn how to write a captivating fundraiser story with our guide.

Write a captivating title to match your story

Come up with a strong title after you’ve written your personal fundraising story. It will help you summarize your story in one standout phrase. Titles are really important because you’re giving the audience a glimpse into what your fundraiser is about. Make sure it reflects what your fundraiser is for in a clear way so that people click through and donate. Check out some great ideas for naming your online fundraiser.

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4. Share your fundraiser with your friends and family

Once you’ve posted your fundraiser, get feedback on it from trusted friends and family. Use any good suggestions to refine your story, images, etc. Then ask your inner circle for donations. Why? If potential donors see that some funds have already been raised, people are more likely to donate. Once your inner circle has donated, share your fundraiser with everyone everywhere.

Sharing on social media

A common question we see asked is “how to get my GoFundMe noticed?” The more visible your fundraiser is, the more donations you’ll receive. If you create a Facebook page for your fundraiser, consider paying to boost posts if the costs will be outweighed by donations. If you want to use email try using one of our email fundraising templates to help simplify the process.

Sharing without social media

While social media is a great way to connect potential donors with your fundraiser, there are other ways to share. If you want to know how to raise money online without using social media, consider trying one of our 42 ways to share your fundraiser offline like creating flyers for bulletin boards.

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5. Show appreciation towards your donors

When a person makes a donation to your fundraiser, it’s because they believe in your cause. This is why thank-yous are so important–they serve as a way for donors to remain part of your story. Simple, personalized thank you letters are an easy way to show your appreciation and strengthen relationships with donors. If you’re not sure how to thank donors for their support, check out our blog, 20 Affordable Ways to Thank Donors.

So that’s it for this topic stay tuned with MyHowtoo for more financial guides.