Brochure Printing: Proven Ways to Distribute Brochures

Printing brochures is a common way to market your business. But when you are getting them, it is important to make sure that you use and distribute them effectively. It ensures that you get the most of your marketing dollars. 

When it comes to brochure printing, take a look at the most effective ways to distribute them. 

  • Ask Local Businesses

Local small businesses are willing and open to supporting other local small businesses. Hence, you have to be bold enough to ask the local business owners if they are going to let you have some brochures on their tables or countertops. But when you do so, you need to keep in mind that location is important. You have to consider these things, first. 

  • Is the business operating in the area you are serving 
  • Are the best customers likely to frequent your business
  • Does their business value align with your business
  • Does the business have a good customer traffic 

The best places to consider for your custom brochure printing are-

  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Coffee shops
  • Pubs and bars
  • Community centers and libraries
  • Takeaway shops
  • Information centers and local tourism venues


  • Business and Industry Events

Small events and expos are on the rise. They are always looking for sponsors. You will be surprised to know that a low range of sponsorship isn’t as expensive as you might have imagined it to be and based on how they are defining their sponsorship tiers, many are going to include A4 brochures printing inserted in the event bags. You can easily look for such events on business networking groups or local councils. 

  • Direct Mail

Direct mail or distribution by professional distribution companies is the best way for getting your printed brochure out there. With direct mail, you can easily reach out to a certain demographic profile, increase your readership, and develop a large campaign in an effective way. 

The benefit of direct mail distribution is it offers complete flexibility. It allows you to personalize delivery. Campaigns can be customized to an existing customer base to notify your clients about the products, services, and offers you are providing in the new market segments. 

  • Newspapers and Publications

A brochure is often distributed through magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Promotional materials can be included in the publication. It ensures a guaranteed reach on the circulation rate of the publication. 

The distribution method is effects for specific products or industries. For instance, brochures are for tropical products and services, which are distributed in magazines. 

  • Hand Out in an Old-Fashioned Way

Handing out brochures on the street, at local events, and in markets is a great way to promote your business. Whether you have a business nearby or run a home-grown start-up, getting your word out there to those around can be done in the old way. 

Team your brochure hand with a little confident well-versed spiel about what your brand is, a t-shirt with a brand logo or a cap with the brand name can help in creating an incredible impact.

  • Cross Promote with Another Business

Look for another business that serves similar kinds of customers. It provides a different yet complimentary product or service to your own. Just swap brochures and co-distribute every flyer to your own customers. 

If you have a small folder that you hand out to clients, the customers can learn more about your business. But then your folder should include flyers of other businesses that they feel they might be interested in. 

  • Put Them in Letterboxes

You always have the option of a door-to-door brochure distribution method. When you have delivered your brochure to the home or place of work of the customer, it is ready and waiting for when they take a break for a few minutes. In case your service isn’t right for them, you have got the potential to reach other members of their household or their visitors and friends. 

When you resort to a door-to-door method, you need to double-check the brochure distribution rules in your local area as you are going to distribute them on private property. In case you do not have time to go door-to-door or you have audiences in a remote area, you can choose a postal route by mailing brochures to their address. 

  • Elevator Pitch

Few things in life can be as boring as idly standing in an elevator. It gives you the best opportunity for you to pitch your marketing brochure to your potential customers. Checking your brochure is more interesting for a person who is standing in an elevator than for someone who receives it while they are going about their lives.